Navigate Like an Icelander

Navigate Like an Icelander

So this is our Vegvisir sticker. The Vegvisir, sometime called the Icelandic Rune Compass, is a magical symbol to guide you through life and ensure that you never lose your way. It comes from a 17th grimoire, a book of magic called the Galdrbok (literally 'magic book').

Famously odd Icelandic songstress, Bjork, has a Vegvisir tattoo on her upper arm and at least one of our customer has had her arm tattooed to match her new sticker - it's true(ish), just check out our Twitter feed.

The big surprise for us is that these are selling like hotcakes to those modern day Viking warriors, the British Army. These guys know a thing or two about navigating over tough terrain and with no batteries to die our Runic Compass sticker is clearly a useful bit of kit.

We can't promise our Vegvisir decal will always keep you on the right road but we guarantee that it's a lot less annoying than a GPS - even if you have got a comedy voice on yours.

As with all our stickers, the Vegvisir Sticker is available in 14 different colours and a range of sizes from 4" to a tank busting 12" whopper!

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