Simple Instructions

These stickers or decals as they are sometime known are very easy to apply - simply peel the backing paper off, apply the sticker to the surface you want it on, give it a good rub all over and peel off the clear top layer leaving the sticker in place.

More Detail

  1. Gently peel off the backing paper. The sticker will come away from the backing paper and stay stuck on the transparent top layer of application tape. Occasionally, with more complex designs, the sticker prefers to stay on the backing paper rather than lifting away with the tape. If this happens give the whole thing a rub over and try peeling it off again in a different direction.

  2. Starting at one edge, carefully apply the entire sticker, transparent backing tape and all.

  3. Give the whole thing a good, thorough rub over with your hand or a flexible straight edge - a credit card works well.

  4. When you're happy everything is stuck very gently peel off the backing tape. The sticker itself will stick to the surface and the tape will come away without leaving any residue.

Your decal is designed to last for approximately 5 years in all weathers but take care if you're a keen jet washer.

Removal: If at any point in the future you wish to remove the sticker simply heat it gently with an ordinary domestic hair dryer until it peels off. Remove any residue with a drop of ordinary lighter fluid.